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Home Farm Garage
Newton St Cyres, EX5 2LX
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Rob Burrell
On behalf of Abbeyford Car Hire we apologise for the inconvenience caused. However, we did not "overbill" as you were ultimately refunded any amounts due. There was never any intention not to do this, as you imply. We accommodated your Sunday return (when we are closed) but the deposit could not be refunded then. It did then get overlooked unfortunately. In respect of the duplicated rental fee the mistake arose as we took prepayment when you booked in advance and you then paid again on collection. When a customer contacts us on these matters we must validate the claim which often takes days tracing back through many records, whilst continuing day to day activities. This is to ensure that the refund has not recently been credited our end but is not yet showing in the recipients account, due to the banking cycle. Fraud prevention too. The car rented was not "unsatisfactory" on collection, but developed an intermittent fault, as cars can do. Our AA assistance attended ASAP but the fault could not be rectified roadside. You then continued to your destination. That evening we fielded various calls from you at the hotel. The next morning we delivered another vehicle some 100 miles to you, not something feasible any sooner. I can state we have hundreds of customers annually renting from us, many who come back time and time again, and praise our excellent service. This is a rare occurrence that we experience an unsatisfied customer.
I rented an automatic car from this company from September 2 to 5 2010. The car started malfunctioning on the two and a half hour drive from Exeter to the coast, behaving as if it was running out of gas, although it wasn't. Every twenty minutes or so I would have to stop the car and turn off the ignition to get it to start running properly again. When we finally reached the hotel I called the AA and the mechanic told me that it was an electronic problem and I should get the company to change the car. They brought over another car the next day, but not until 1pm, although I had left them a message the evening before, and also called them as soon as they opened at 9am. So we were not able to do what we had planned that day, and had therefore arrived at the rather expensive hotel a day early for nothing. This was disappointing, but even worse was what I discovered when going through my September credit card statement. They should have charged me 145 for the car hire, and 150 for the deposit, to be refunded if the car was returned in good condition, which they agreed it was when I brought it (the replacement car) back. However they had not refunded the deposit, and I had to contact them twice before they did it, although they had said they would the first time. On top of that, when I looked through my old credit card statements while doing accounts in October, I discovered that they had charged me the 145 twice, once when I booked the car in July and then again when I rented it in September. Again, I had to contact them twice about this. If I had not seen these mistakes they would never have refunded me, and the very unsatisfactory car they rented me would have cost me 295 more than it should have. At best they are extremely sloppy, at worst, well, I wonder.

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